Raptor Revolution is a great opportunity for incoming freshmen to learn how RHS functions, learn what teams and clubs you can join, meet fellow future Raptors and some awesome students and teachers who are going to help with the event. There will also be field day events on the 20th with awesome prizes!


Freshman Red Letter Day will take place during Raptor Revolution on July the 18th.  Please pass this on to all rising 8th graders and get signed up for Raptor Revolution Camp.


Where is Raptor Revolution?
Raptor Revolution will be located at Ravenwood High School.  The event will begin in the gymnasium and will take place around the school and campus.  We want the incoming students to be familiar with school before arriving. 
What do I wear to Raptor Revolution?
Come comfortable and according to our school dress code (Shirts with sleeves, shorts past fingertips). 
What if I can’t come all three days?
That is okay!  We hope to see each of you every day.  Make sure you write a note on the registration form if there is a day you will miss. 
Where is pick up?
Pick up is in the front of the school building by the flag pole. 
What if my student is a fall sport athlete?
The athletic department will be involved in Raptor Revolution.  Coaches are very supportive of athletes being involved in this opportunity and many of the coaches will be helping. 
Who are the students that volunteer and help?
FMPs.  FMP stands for freshmen mentor program.  Freshmen mentors are awesome juniors and seniors who want to help the freshmen adjust to and succeed in high school life!  These mentors will not only work with the students at Raptor Revolution but throughout their entire freshman year! 

Any other questions can be emailed to Clark Ramey at clarkr@wcs.edu.

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