Corporate Matching Programs


Double Your Donation!


Ravenwood High School PTO is a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This means there is a good chance your employer will match your donation made to RHS PTO.


There are many companies, large and small, that match donations to non-profit organizations. The following are just a few of the companies in our area that have “matching” programs for their employees:



Abbott Pharmaceuticals

Aon Healthcare

Aspect Software


Bank of America



CA Technologies

Caterpillar Financial Service


Dell Corporation

Fidelity Investments

Fifth Third Bank

First Tennessee Bank




Johnson & Johnson

Microsoft Corporation


Oracle Corporation


Regions Bank

State Farm

The Tennessean

Turner Construction Company

Verizon Wireless

VF Corporation

Vulcan Materials



Please take the time to check with your employer’s HR or Benefits department and verify if they offer a matching program. If they do, they typically have a form you would submit to the PTO with your “Invest In Your Raptor” contribution, or they may use a paperless process that you start on-line through a company such as Benevity.


If you have already made your “Invest In Your Raptor” donation, it is NOT too late to secure the employer matching contribution. Simply turn in your company form to the PTO with a note.


If you have any questions, or need additional information please contact Debbie Roth  at



We are so thankful to our Gold sponsors for their generosity!


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