Each graduating class has a TEAM of parent volunteers who support them from Freshman year through Graduation. The TEAMs are named based on the graduation year of the Class (i.e. TEAM 2021 is for the class of 2021). The TEAM comes alongside the students and works with student council to help facilitate many of the student activities during the year including:


Red Letter Days
Teacher Hospitality 

*Teacher Lunch Dates for Fall: 
  • September  Senior Class
  • October Junior Class
  • November Sophomore Class
  • December Freshman

Student Appreciation & Raptor Rewards

We encourage everyone to join their student’s TEAM. By joining the TEAM, you will receive valuable information regarding the activities of your student’s class. Your TEAM dues also help to facilitate the Student Appreciation program known as "Raptor Rewards". The dues and funds collected by the TEAM stay with each class throughout their four years at Ravenwood. Every student at Ravenwood benefits from TEAMS throughout their years at RHS.

To join your student’s TEAM Click Here


Questions about TEAM’s? Please contact the PTO Chair for TEAM’s:



Tina Dill



To request approval for a TEAM or PTO Fundraiser, please click Fundraiser Request 19-20,complete the form and submit to the appropriate Booster club member or PTO Board Member for approval.


We are so thankful to our Gold sponsors for their generosity!


Questions?  Contact us at pto4rhs@gmail.com