20,000 The number of dollars PTO Go-Fund Me project raised to purchase new sound and audio system for the RPAC in time for spring musical

1,794 Extra square footage PTO added to the outdoor patio including painted concrete and patio roofing

1,696 Volunteer hours PTO provided to help students get thru Red Letter Days  (212 volunteers x 8 hours)

1,500 The number of meals PTO provided to RHS teachers (150 Teachers x 10 months)

575 Students served by the PTO during the Principal's luncheon in recognition of these students earning a 4.0 for the first 3 quarters

325+ Active PTO Volunteers last year. Volunteers served in various roles and events including Red Letter Days, Teacher Appreciation, the Retail store, Front office, Guidance department, Library, Student Services, landscaping, concessions, homecoming, picture days, TEAMs support, and graduation

300 Number of t-shirts & staff golf shirts purchased by the PTO for RHS staff

17 Is the number of Booster Clubs that fall under the umbrella of PTO

8 The number of departments and initiatives that received funds from PTO to support specific needs. These include: Fine Arts Department, Library, STARS program, the health clinic, Freshman Mentoring Program, Rising Freshman Night, and Raptor Revolution

6 New outdoor dining tables PTO purchased to be placed in the courtyard

5 Feet is the height of the Tower Garden (indoor vertical growing system) that the PTO gifted funds purchase for the science and biology classrooms. The Tower Garden grows plants in a manner that promotes a sustainable living concept.

2 The number of sound systems that were upgraded at the football stadium and the gymnasium through combined volunteer efforts between RAC and PTO


100 PERCENT PARTICIPATION! This is the goal of the RHS PTO for families and teachers this school year!



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