Welcome to Ravenwood Class of 2022!

Team 2022 Co-Chairs are Patty Britt and Michelle Pritchett.  Please feel free to contact them if you have any questions regarding TEAM 2022.  



Michelle Pritchett          michellepritchett@me.com

Patty Britt                      pattykbritt@comcast.net



Stephanie Bevis                 sjbevis@rkneal.com

Colleen Blanchette             blanchette_colleen@yahoo.com

Cathy Douglas                    cathyldouglas@gmail.com

Debra Enderle                    debraenerle@comcast.net

Kris Helou                           kghelou@yahoo.com

Christina Thorn                   cbt513@yahoo.com

Stacy Waggoner                 swaggoner@workingsol.com

Dani White                          dani_white@yahoo.com

Sarah Wilson                      lincolnsmom@hotmail.com



Hello RHS Class of 2022 Parents,


Welcome to Ravenwood High School and hope that you have a great Freshman year!

If you haven’t already joined TEAM 2022, we highly encourage you to do so.  TEAM 2022 is a Parent Booster group that supports and celebrates the students of 2022! The Freshmen TEAM membership fee is $25.00 and your support is appreciated and vital.  By joining, your email can be entered in the TEAM 2022 database so that you can receive email updates and important information about our freshmen.  See below to see how to set up your account.



Set up your rhs online account

If you don't currently have another student at Ravenwood, please go ahead and set up your online account for RHS in order to receive important information and news from RHS regarding your child's freshman year, including Raptor Revolution to be held this summer.  Click HERE to set up your new account.  After you enter your information you will receive an email asking you to verify your email address.  You will then have 2 hours to click on the link in the email and enter your family information.  If you already have an online account for Ravenwood, please add your incoming freshman to your family's account by going to www.RHSPTO.com and clicking on "My Account" and then "Family Information"  or click HEREYou will need to go to the student information page to add your new student.


When you enter your student's information please indicate that they are the "Class of 2022"



We are so thankful to our Gold sponsors for their generosity!


Questions?  Contact us at pto4rhs@gmail.com